Not Public, aka For Your Eyes Only  👀

Hi! I’m Claudine Rodriguez, a designer and art director based in Manila . This is not quite the upside down.

You were brought to this section of my port­folio as part of my application to your or­ganization. In here, you will find a sample of my UI/UX work done within the past months.

Metrobank 

Feb. 2019, spec work: As an exercise in potentially working on a project with Metrobank, I was tasked to translate an online banking feature into a feature available on a mobile app.

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LBC Express 

Jan. 2019, in Havas: UI/UX work for the interim site of LBC in transitioning to new assets, as part of their ‘digital transformation’ efforts.

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Fun fact (?): 464f5220594f55522045594553204f4e4c59 is ‘For Your Eyes Only’ in hex.