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Hello! I’m Claudine, a designer based in Manila 🇵🇭. As of writing, I am an INTJ,  lover of GIFs and jazz music.

The variety of projects I work on reminds me, time and again, that design never comes in the same form always. As design approaches change based on need, I do find it an advantage to have a broad set of skills.

What most people see me do

  • UI/UX design (and occasional art direction) for brands as part of the Havas  Manila office
  • Day in and day out, I write design strategies; sketch up wireframes; co-create prototypes and design systems; and help out in winning new business along the way.

What I really do

  • I wear multiple hats when I do communication design projects for MSMEs, NGOs, and NPOs, locally and overseas.
  • I enjoy it when meaningful organizations are able to speak of what they stand for through different formats.
  • I've collaborated with people to work on websites, videos, print, and program design projects.


A semblance of my CV can be found on LinkedIn , while a version that would look nice in a dossier is available upon request. Send me an email !
Other things, currently

  • Cofounder, Collective Restoration, the non-stock, non-profit arm of Makerspace Manila .
  • HANDs! Project  Philippine fellow for 2017-2020, under the Japan Foundation - Asia Center, working on a project focused on disaster preparedness education.

sharing stuff in random places

Things I keep

Say hello: hello@claudrod.me  👋