Good Code

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My software engineer friend, Carl , and I wanted to share our love for coding as a tool to help people create and build things that we started holding basic coding classes, as inspired by the #HourOfCode  movement. Good Code basically became our campaign to encourage people who are intimidated by coding, to just give it a try, in a friendly environment. During our brief run, we’ve managed to hold our classes for grade school and middle school kids, give talks in EduTech and Google Developer Group events, teach classes in partner schools, and become a finalist in a soc-ent competition . We’ve had quite a history.

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People would tell us how they’re mostly intimidated by the idea of coding, so we tried our best to make our visuals look fun.

My co-founder Carl

And Myself, as jiggly heads

In turn, we had fun with handlettering, doodles, and splashes of bright color—things that don’t get immediately associated with the thought of software and programming.

Some classes had a bit more fun than others, i.e. Star Wars-inspired stickers!

We also sold shirts to raise funds for classes we wanted to organize for free.