NYRA Studio

Brand identity

Designed the main visual identity components for an upstart production company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Considering that their branding will mostly appear within a video or an interactive format, the logotype had to be alive through flexible executions within a simple design system.

The base wordmark design started with custom typography. In making the type monospaced, each letter is easy to stack and place around an imaginary grid.

Moving letters of the word NYRA forming different shapes from a square stack of NY over RA to a shape similar to stairs with NR on the first level and RA on the second level

The approach was inspired by how the combination of different elements creates new meaning outside of themselves.  Working like a set of building blocks, the NYRA logotype is made of different shapes to spell out the brand name. 

A confetti of thin shapes exploding to form the word NYRA

Making the shapes feel like confetti, with a base color palette of cool pastels, adds a fun, celebratory feel. The shapes set is used an accent element for select branding materials.

A confetti of thin shapes in different pastel colors

The direction to create custom monospaced type is also reflective of the name NYRA being an acronym of the founders’ first names. This meant that no letter should be more visually prominent over another.

An Asian woman in black with long hair in a bathroom, looking out, with the word NYRA repeatedly laid out over the image in white to create a pattern
Photography by Adhytia Putra 